Get Your Garden Ready for Winter Properly

Get Your Garden Ready for Winter Properly

Fall is not as far off as we would like to think, pretty soon we will have colder temperatures and it will be time to start cleaning up the yard and getting it ready for winter.  Fall cleanup shouldn’t be left too late in the year, you don’t want to be out raking leaves when it is freezing outside.  Let’s show you how to get your garden ready for winter properly so when spring rolls around again you will be ready to plant.

Raking Your Leaves

You don’t need to remove each and every leaf that falls in your yard but you do want to get rid of most of them.  Some leaves are a good thing, they offer places for insects to nest over the winter.  Don’t leave thick layers of leaves it keeps the sun and air from getting to your grass and it traps moisture.  This in turn can cause disease.

Check the pH of Your Soil

The fall is actually the best time to prepare your yard for landscaping in the following spring.  You can grab a soil testing kit from your local home improvement or gardening store and make sure that your soil isn’t lacking any vital nutrients your grass and plants may need.  If your soil is acidic then you will need lime, on the other hand if it is too alkaline then you will add sulphur instead of lime to balance it out.  Here is how to check the pH of your soil.

Seed Your Lawn

Did you have patchy spots on your lawn?  If you did then now is the perfect time to seed your lawn so that you have lush and thick grass next year.  Cut your grass extremely short then you will want to seed the lawn with a spreader.  Water it regularly until your grass is about three inches.

Clean Up Your Beds

If you planted vegetables then you need to make sure that you remove any plants that had mildew or any types of fungus.  Wet vegetable plants are breeding ground for mold and disease.  For your flower garden you can wait until the first big frost and then cut out any diseased plant material it will help make next year’s crop of flowers that much healthier.  Don’t put diseased plants into your compost pile it can ruin the compost.

Fall cleanup is every bit as important as spring cleanup so make sure that you get your garden ready for winter.