Putting Raised Beds in the Garden

Putting Raised Beds in the Garden

Putting raised beds in the garden is nothing new gardeners have been using this method for ages to grow more plants and because it is just convenient.  If you look around your neighborhood you will see plenty of gardens with raised beds as people get more creative with landscape design, especially in the city where space is at a premium.  You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to build your own raised bed, using a variety of materials that you probably already have on hand.  You can buy ready to assemble kits at the garden center.  Here are some advantages to using raised garden beds.

Easy Drainage

Raised beds have better drainage and if you have heavy rainfall where you live then you don’t have to worry about your plants drowning.  The soil is looser in raised beds making water run off easier, because the beds are raised and contained you don’t get soil erosion that comes with runoff.  Water will pass through to the lower area of the bed and not kill your plants.

Easy Aeration

Because of the nature of raised beds and the looser soil structure you have much better aeration.  Raised beds are ideal if you have compacted or hard soil in your yard.  Having good air circulation through the soil helps with the microbial population and keeps your soil healthy.  Raised beds don’t get trampled either so you don’t have to worry about compacting with flooding or trampling.

Fewer Weeds

Weeds seeds end up on the ground and you don’t see or notice them when you are planting your garden.  You end up watering and fertilizing them without even realizing.  With raised beds there are fewer weed seeds and less weeding to do throughout the year.  Because raised beds are shallower it is a lot easier to remove the weeds you do end up with.

No Digging

It doesn’t matter if you are planting flowers or vegetables you are going to have to do some digging and clearing.  With a raised bed you don’t have to do any of that, rather you can fill up the planter with some top soil and compost and put in your seeds.

Raised beds have plenty of advantages, not only are they easier to look after but it is a great way to make use of a small space.  You can use them for any type of plants whether you want to grow spinach or add some flowers to your landscaping.