Are the leaves on your plants looking a little yellow instead of a lush green?  If you are new to gardening then you may not know what is wrong with your plantor what nutrients that your plant needs.  Don’t worry, even the most experienced gardeners struggle to figure out why plants aren’t looking healthy.  Identifying nutritional deficiencies in plants comes with experience.  Here is some help in figuring out what is wrong with your plant and how to fix it.

Identifying the Problem

You notice that one or more of your plants have drooping leaves or yellow spots even though you know that you have been watering regularly.  You have added the right fertilizers yet you still don’t understand what the issue is.  There are a number of things that could be causing the problem, insects or the soil isn’t draining the way it should.  Insects are pretty easy to identify, they are either on the plant or leave some type of waste behind.  You can check the soil to see if it is too wet and that will let you know if you potentially have root rot.

Ruling Out Other Causes

Aside from water and insects there are other potential causes that you need to rule out too.  Is your plant getting too much sunlight or not enough?  What about the temperature, has there been wild changes in temperature that your plant can’t tolerate.  You also need to be cautious of the amount of fertilizer that you are using it is very easy to overdo it and “burn” the plant.

Nutritional Deficiencies

One way to identify nutritional deficiencies are by taking a good look at the leaves of your plant.  Do they look dead or dying?  If you have dead or dying leaves at the bottom of your plant that could indicate a lack of magnesium, red spots means that you need to add phosphorous.  Minerals are as crucial to your plant as they are to you and if they are lacking in the essentials it will show up on the plant.

Fixing Nutritional Deficiencies

As was said plants need nutrients just like you do.  They need lots of potassium, calcium, nitrogen, magnesium, sulphur and phosphorous to survive.  They are also going to need trace amounts of other minerals like iron, copper and zinc.  Plants get their nutrients from the soil they live in and water helps bring them to the roots.  If the soil is lacking in any of these minerals then your plant is going without and can get sickly looking.  It is easy to fix, you can grab some plant food from any garden center and give your plants all the nutrients that you need.