In warmer climates one of the most popular grasses used on lawns and golf courses is Bermuda grass.  It is cheap to buy, looks good, and can take some abuse.  That sounds good so far right?  But it does have some drawbacks that make homeowners opt for a different type of grass.  Before you re-sod your property let us give you the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to Bermuda grass.

The Good

First of all, Bermuda grass is inexpensive to buy and that makes it the number one choice of homeowners and property managers choosing a new lawn.  The turf farm can churn out a crop of Bermuda grass quickly so the faster grass grows the faster they can get it to market.  It is low maintenance so even if it is neglected all it needs is a good mow to look good again.  When it comes to fighting off pests you can use almost any type of protection against weeds will suffice.

Ideally Bermuda grass should be mowed fairly short, there are exceptions to that.  If you have lots of shade then you can cut it slightly higher but if you are in the full sun throughout the day then keep it short. The leaves are fine and soft so it works well in a family yard.  It can not only handle the abuse of kids and pets it will withstand droughts or dry spells pretty well too.

The Bad

While Bermuda grass can fantastic most of the time it isn’t perfect, it does have its negative aspects as well.  You need to consider the good and the bad before you make a purchase.  Bermuda grass is prone to thatching even when you mow it on a regular basis.  You are going to have to de-thatch it every so often to keep it looking good.  Bermuda grass needs sunlight and lots of it, if you have lots of trees in your backyard you’re going to end up with bald spots.  Bermuda grass that is in direct sunlight grows really quickly so be prepared to mow regularly.

The Ugly

There really is no ugly, Bermuda grass looks fabulous.  There is no perfect grass there is only grass that works for your yard.  You will decide what type of grass you like and that works for your lawn, there are tons to choose from.  However Bermuda grass has a lot going for it which explains why it is so popular.  Do your research and chat with a local landscaper or home improvement center to pick the best choice for you.