Many new gardeners are intimidated at the idea of growing roses, they think roses are delicate flowers that need a lot of attention and gardening know-how.  If you want to try your hand with roses then here are some steps that can help you grow the perfect rosebush.

Getting Started

If you are starting to grow your roses right from the seed the first thing you want to do is find the right spot.  You want your roses to be able to get around 6 hours of sunlight every day.  In addition to the location there are dozens of different types of roses that you can plant.  Once you have figured out what and where you’re going to plant your roses, then next issue is how often do you need to water them.  Roses need regular watering especially in the beginning, once the bush starts to grow you may only need to water it once a week or so.

This is a Longterm Project

Roses are high maintenance and they are going to take a while before you see some beautiful blooms.  Yes, roses can be fragile and they are subject to disease that other plants just don’t have to deal with.  Roses are going to take your time and attention.  Don’t be intimidated once you get the hang of it the beautiful flowers you get will make it all worth it.

What Colour Roses

You probably decided to grow roses because you have a particular color that you love.  You may want to grow rich red roses or the pretty pink ones, but colour isn’t the only factor when it comes to picking the right roses here are some other factors to look for.

  • Rose bushes can reach heights of up to 20 feet and they will overshadow other plants if you have other flowers in your garden
  • You need sufficient space to grow rose bushes they need sunlight, enough space to grow and air exposure, make sure that the soil drains well
  • Plenty of people are allergic to roses and while you may love the sweet smell of roses you may have a family member who can’t handle having them grow nearby

Roses are delicate and they don’t tolerate frost very well.  If  you have long winters then you need to find a rosebush that can handle that type of climate.  You may also want to look for strains that are more disease resistant, they will require less maintenance than some others.