Growing plants in pots is a great way to have beautiful plants and flowers when you may not have enough space for a big garden.  Growing plants in pots does come with challenges especially when winter rolls around.  Your plants can dry out, the temperature drops and you can end up with root damage that kills your plants.  Even if the flowers are dead you can still have a healthy root system just waiting for spring.  Your job is to protect your plants’ root systems until the warm weather rolls around again.

Put Your Pots on the Ground

In the winter the temperatures can fluctuate pretty drastically.  Once the sun goes down the temperatures plummet and this fluctuations can harm your roots.  When plants are in the ground they are mostly protected from big fluctuations, don’t leave your pots on pavement but rather put them on turf.  Pavement warms even more during the day and damages your roots.

Use Bigger Pots

The bigger the pot your plants are in the more soil is there to keep the roots insulated.  You may have to do some transplanting in the fall to move all of your plants into bigger pots but it is well worth it.  Small containers are perfect for showing off your plants but not for keeping them warm.  Small containers run the risk of freezing during a cold snap, your roots can dry out quicker and that too can damage your plants.  Choose a pot that is an inch thick or more for your plants.

Transplant Early

As soon as the temperatures start to drop then it is time to transplant.  Let them spend some time in the bigger pots.  Once winter rolls around your plants are already healthy and grown and they are in a better position to tolerate the cold.  Don’t wait until the last minute or they probably won’t survive.  You should also pick plants that can handle the cold in your area.

Pick a Spot

Where you put your pots for the winter makes a big difference, you want to find a spot that is shaded.  Pots that sit in direct sunlight will go through big temperature changes throughout the day so you want to avoid that if you can.  You want to keep them out of the wind if you can so the temperatures don’t change too much.  Hearty plants that thrive in the climate you live in and make sure you prepare them they will have no problem surviving the winters.