You have a beautiful holly bush in your yard but it is in the wrong spot and it just doesn’t work with the rest of your garden.  Transplanting your holly bush is something that you have to do carefully or you can kill the plant.  If you want to transplant your holly bush successfully then read on and we will show you how to do just that.

When to Move Your Holly Bush

You can’t randomly decide to move your holly bush it is best to do so in the early spring.  That will help your plant to not lose its leaves from being moved across the yard.  The springtime is a rainy time of year and it is still a bit cool outside, it will help the plant keep the roots moist.  When holly bushes dry out they start dropping leaves, to hang on to the moisture in the roots.  Technically you can transplant the bush in the fall but do so cautiously, you may lose leaves but the bush will probably be fine after all.  Now if you do lose your leaves it is not the end of the world, they will regrow and your bush should be just fine, although probably not in time for the holidays.

How to Move it

Before you dig up your bush from the current location you need to prepare the new area first.  You want to move it quickly from one location to the other quickly, that will prevent the leaves from falling off and stressing your plant. In the new location you need to make sure the hole is deep enough so the roots can fit comfortably.

Once you have the new location ready then you need to start digging up the holly bush.  Go to the outside perimeter of the leaves and then 6 inches beyond that, now you want to dig down at least a foot to make sure you get the roots.  Once you have it dug out then you can move it quickly to the new location.  The roots will need to be spread out in the new location and then you want to add the soil back in.  Once you have your holly bush back in the ground it is going to need some water.  For the first week or so you’re going to have to water it daily so the roots take hold and your holly bush will thrive.

Holly bushes are lovely if a bit delicate, don’t worry if you follow the steps you can have the bush moved easily and without any problems.