Natural Pest Control Methods

Natural Pest Control Methods

If you are interested in or practice organic gardening then you have probably wondered about how to manage the pests that come into your garden without using any harsh chemicals.  Natural pest control is safe and effective, you can protect your flowers or crops from the insects looking for food.  Natural pest control methods are safer and healthier for the environment and your family.  If you are growing any vegetables then you want the healthiest and best tasting crops possible.  Natural pest control also won’t harm your soil and give you better plants.  So let’s look at how to keep unwanted guests out of your garden.

Biological Control

Most of the insects that pass through your garden are harmless or even necessary.  There are good insects like dragonflies, bees or ladybugs that call your garden home and they will feast on the bad insects that you don’t want in your garden.  One of the best natural pest control strategies is to get the good bugs to eat the bad bugs in your garden.

Covering Your Plants

You can use fencing, fine mesh nets and different fibers to keep insects and animals from eating your plants.  It isn’t just insects that will come into your garden, especially if you plan on growing any vegetables.  Rabbits, rodents and deer all look for easy food to grab and your garden is like a buffet table for them.  It may cost you some money to cover up the garden but it will pay for itself with a better yield.


Before you start planting seeds you will have to prepare your garden properly.  Make sure you till your garden and weed your garden regularly.  Weeds will also attract insects that you don’t want in your garden.  Organic fertilizers will help too, also that will help keep your garden organic.  Make your own compost so that you know exactly what is going into your garden.

Natural Products

Natural insecticides are also useful in keeping insects and other animals away from the garden.  You can make sprays from peppermint, garlic or even soap that won’t harm your plants but insects hate them.  You probably already have the ingredients laying around the house or you can grab them cheaply.